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The Nut Wizard is the solution for helping pick up gumballs in your yard without hurting your back. Anyone from 3 to 93 can use this tool!  Order yours today

Both Dick and Nancy Level have  backgrounds in the medical field, Nancy a pediatric nurse for 35 years and Dick a para-medic for 7 years.  As we aged, we decided to look for something a little less intense, but also rewarding.  While attending a festival in October 2003, Dick saw a "Nut Wizard" on sale and natural curiousity caused him to check it out further.  It  was being sold to gather walnuts, however Dick felt it would work for Sweet Gum Balls, Acorns, Pecans, Fruits, and many other items.  

Dick brought it back to St. Louis and began selling it at craft shows and local festivals.  The response was overwhelming.  Other than a rake and shovel, there was nothing to pick up these objects.  Demonstrations and word of mouth became the greatest sales tool  (see testimonials section).  Not only were they able to turn a small profit the first year, but they received tremendous satisfaction in hearing how well it worked and how much users loved "The Nut Wizard".

On November 16,2004, Joe Holloran, feature writer for the St. Louis Post Dispatch wrote a feature article in the Everyday section of the  Post.  This was fantastic and gave them more exposure than  ever expected.  

During this past year, they have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people making available a tool that makes their life easier.

Just A Few Items That are Easily Picked Up

Sweet Gum Balls
Hickory Nuts

Tennis Balls
Golf Balls
Shotgun Hulls
Children's Toys

Place Nut Wizard
on the ground

Gently roll over
the items to pick up

Easily empty the
items into a bucket