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The Nut Wizard is the solution for helping pick up gumballs in your yard without hurting your back. Anyone from 3 to 93 can use this tool!  Order yours today
How to pick up gumballs???
If you are looking for a yard tool to help you pick up nuts, "The Nut Wizard" is a versatile, high quality, hand crafted yard tool designed to pick up almost any object 1/4" to 4" in diameter. This yard tool weighs 5 1/2 pounds and is 5' in length. You roll "The Nut Wizard" over the ground and the spring wire spreads and flips the object in the basket. Very little pressure is needed and easily operated by anyone between 6 and 96. Included with each unit is a spreader which attaches to any standard bucket, from 2 gallon to trash can size. When basket is full, you push basket over spreader, separating the wires and objects fall out.

But picking up nuts is not the only thing "
The Nut Wizard" is good for. If you have a Sweetgum tree in your yard, this tool is perfect for picking up those gum balls in your yard. Sweetgum trees produce those little prickly balls (“Sweetgum Balls”) that are very cumbersome and dangerous to walk on. "The Nut Wizard" is PERFECT for picking up gumballs in your yard.

You never have to bend over with "
The Nut Wizard" saving your back. Several chiropractors have recommended "The Nut Wizard" to patients with back problems. Click here to watch the video that shows you how easy it is to pick up nuts and several other things around your house.

The Nut Wizard" was invented by a truly brilliant Southern Gentleman for the primary use of harvesting walnuts and pecans. During the past several years uses have increased significantly, limited only by the lack of imagination. In the St. Louis, Mo. area the main use has been to pick up sweetgum balls and acorns, two items that are very difficult to manage. As of February 2005, we have sold 4000 units (one year) with a 99.5% favorable response. See our testimonial section.

The Nut Wizard" is made in the United States by American workers.  

Order today and your "
Nut Wizard" will be delivered to you within 10 to 14 days.

You may order online or by calling (502) 290-1262

Due to popular demand the Nut Wizard has developed a smaller size for picking up ammo and brass cartridges. We have received numerous requests for a smaller version as the original small unit would hold only 10-15 cartridges before falling out. Extensive test have been conducted by competitive shooters and they all praised it highly.  It met all their expectations and will hold 25 to 35 spent cartridges, depending on size. This tool is on a 4 foot handle and requires no bending to recover your brass. Each Nut Wizard comes with a wire bracket that attaches to the rim of any standard bucket and allows for easy and fast emptying in just seconds. Roll the Nut Wizard over the spent cartridge and it pops in the basket.  This will not damage the brass in any way and it is ready for reloading.  This will definitely save your back as no bending is necessary.
We also tested the medium size Nut Wizard  in picking up spent shotgun shells and it worked perfectly for all sizes . Exact same procedure, No Bending - Easy to Empty -No damage to  shell - Very Easy To Use.

So...if you are looking for a solution on how to pick up Sweetgum Balls, The Nut Wizard is the tool for you. This tool will pick up gumballs without hurting your back or having to use a rack. The tool simply rolls over the object and picks up the gumball, flipping it into the basket.

Just A Few Items That are Easily Picked Up

Sweet Gum Balls
Hickory Nuts

Tennis Balls
Golf Balls
Shotgun Hulls
Children's Toys

Small Nut Wizard......ORDER NOW
Pick Up Nuts, seeds, fruits, or balls at least 3/8" in diameter; we recommend it for small and slender pecans, pin oak, white oak, chinquapin oak, black oak, post oak, scarlet oak, and crab apples.  It will pick up items larger than the above list, but in smaller quantities.

Medium Nut Wizard.....ORDER NOW
Pick Up Nuts, seeds, fruits, or balls at least 3/4" in diameter; we recommend it for pecans, red oak, chestnut oak, hickory nuts (pignut, bitternut, shagbark, and mockernut), golf balls, chestnuts, large swamp oaks, and medium sized fruits.  It will pick up items larger than the above list, but in smaller quantities.

Large Nut Wizard.....ORDER NOW
Pick Up Nuts, seeds, fruits, or balls at least 1.25" in diameter; we recommend it for black walnuts, sweet gum balls, shellbark hickory nuts, apples, oranges, lemons, citrus fruits, hedge apples (osage-orange tree), and magnolia seed/flower heads.  It will pick up items larger than the above list, but in smaller quantities.  The maximum diameter is 4".

Place Nut Wizard
on the ground

Gently roll over
the items to pick up

Easily empty the
items into a bucket