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The Nut Wizard is the solution for helping pick up gumballs in your yard without hurting your back. Anyone from 3 to 93 can use this tool!  Order yours today


My three sons, ages 13, 12, and 10 fight over who gets to pick up the gumballs. Before we bought the "Nut Wizard", picking them up was used for punishment.
Ellen, Creve Coeur, Mo.
My old pecan picker upper would only get a few pecans at a time.  "The Nut Wizard" is a Cadillac compared to my old Model A picker.
Robert, Farmington, Mo.
Thank you for selling me "The Nut Wizard", my husband was wanting to cut down my 2 beautiful trees.  After seeing how easy it is to operate, he quickly cancelled any removal plans.
Mary Ellen, South St. Louis County
We love "The Nut Wizard", it's fantastic and so easy to use.
Ann, Kirkwood, Mo.
Why did you wait so long to bring this marvelous invention to St. Louis.  I have been picking up gum balls for twenty years and now "The Nut Wizard" is saving my back.
Tom,  Florissant, Mo.
Three of my neighbors ordered "The Nut Wizard", They couldn"t believe how easy is is to use.
Jerri,  Manchester, Mo.
We have both walnuts and sweet gum balls, "The Nut Wizard" is a Godsend.
Barb, Collinsville, Ill.
I know tools, "the Nut Wizard" is well crafted and durable.  A real value.
Bud, Webster Groves, Mo
I have a small "Nut Wizard" for acorns.  They are so small and impossible to pick-up by raking.  "The Nut Wizard"  does an outstanding job, quick and easy.
Loretta, Spanish Lake, Mo.
My chiropractor recommended "The Nut Wizard" due to my lower back problems.  I've use it many times with no problems.  Not having to bend over is so much better.
Gumballs, walnuts, and acorns are dangerous, I slipped and broke my kneecap on a gumball. 
Linda,  Kirkwood, Mo.
I won the battle, my husband wanted to cut down our Sweet Gum Tree. He changed his mind after purchasing a Nut Wizard. I love the tree and he loves his Nut Wizard.
J R, St. Louis
I am 75  and have paid a fortune to have Walnuts picked up. The lawn service would not mow until they were all gone. The Nut Wizard makes it an easy job and it's great exercise.
Mrs. LS. Columbia, Mo
I was the first in the neighborhood to own a Nut Wizard. Five neighbors tried it and liked and now own one. Great tool.
Bob  Dallas, Tx
After I bought my Nut Wizard, I doubled the pounds I picked up in less than half the time. No more stooping, bending, and a sore back. Also, I just ordered one for my wife. A great labor saver.  R.M  Cincinnati OH
I never get to use my Nut Wizard, the grandkids love it and keep the lawn spotless.
Mary L  Kirkwood Mo
I was skeptical when I saw the web site, The Nut Wizard, So many products are not what they claim and don"t work. Believe me, the Nut Wizard does everything promised,and more. Great Product.  Thank You
Jean M  Fayeteville, Arkansas
Best tool I have ever bought, inexpensive, well made, and durable.
Robert K St Louis
I am a competitive shooter and the Nut Wizard saves me from bending over countless times during competition. It works fantastic.
Dave R  Orlando, Fl
Best birthday gift I ever bought my husband. He loves it.
Barb K  Indianapolis, In

Just A Few Items That are Easily Picked Up

Sweet Gum Balls
Hickory Nuts

Tennis Balls
Golf Balls
Shotgun Hulls
Children's Toys

Place Nut Wizard
on the ground

Gently roll over
the items to pick up

Easily empty the
items into a bucket